Mar 3, 2015

Status update about RealURL

There are two things I want to tell today:

  • RealURL 2.x is still in the work and it will take time until it will become ready & public
  • A new release of RealURL 1.x will be out this or next week and it will be compatible with TYPO3 from 4.5.40 to 7.1.999 (without core compatibility layer). The same extension for all supported TYPO3 versions. 1.x releases will come out until 2.x is available and if there are bug fixes to publish.


  1. Are there any news about RealURL 2.x development?

    1. Frozen due to high load at main work. I have no financing from TYPO3 for that, so it takes less priority than other job & family.

      The best thing that people could do is to try and report issues.

  2. Hi

    if you happen to have some spare time, I really appreciate some hint on
    thanks, cheers