Mar 15, 2015

realurl and dd_googlesitemap are released for TYPO3 7.0

realurl still supports 4.5 LTS while dd_googlesitemap requires 6.x or newer now. Also in preparation to support the newer news extension, former news sitemap is renamed to tt_news.

I think realurl and dd_googlesitemap can be used with TYPO3 7.1 too but I did not test that version yet. O hope to make it soon.

If you wonder why this happens slowly, the answer is simple: there is daily work and family, which takes priority over free work. As to 7.0, my employer is interested in getting these extension work with TYPO3 7.0, so they sponsored it with certain amount of time. This is how I could get these extensions out.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Dimitri,
    I discovered that the sitemap does not use the language-labels in the language sitemap...!
    I have configured my site as 1 tree with almost all pages with language-labels and language-detection on the domain (e.g. dutvh is the original domain:, English is a subdomain: and French is also a subdomain: Now on the different language de sitemap puts the original language in all sitemaps...?!