Mar 10, 2015

Apple is over

Does anybody else think that it is a complete lack of style or it is only me so conservative?

I am getting really disappointed by Apple recently:
  • Killing Aperture - the "best quality" RAW processing program!
  • All those stability and Wi-Fi issues in all recent hardware
  • Maps flop
  • Abnormal prices when everything else goes cheaper
  • Annoying "continuity" forced in Yosemite
  • Inability to make something as convenient as DropBox but creating iCloud Drive, which nobody wants to use
  • Trying to block Spotify instead of doing something similar

I start thinking about alternatives. Not because of the price but because it seems that Apple has finally lost its main key thing: usability.

I am still using iPhone 4s because all newer devices were not worth the money. And I am still on Macbook Pro 2011 with HiRes matte screen and Mavericks because it is the best working environment available now.

What will I do if my iPhone 4s or Macbook Pro breaks? What should I get next? Definitely not Samsung or Lenovo or Acer. But what? What notebook has the same great matte display with good resolution and colors suitable for photo manipulation? What phone works nicely with decent battery life?

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