Nov 23, 2014

Why I wouldn't upgrade to Yosemite, iOS 8.1, etc.

Usually when Apple makes updates I upgrade fast. For regular users (non-developers) such updates are easy and bring new cool features. For developers it is a certain amount of pain because developers have to reinstall all kind of tools they use (java, macports, Xcode, and so on). It takes some time but still it is usually worth upgrading.

This time when Apple released Yosemite and iOS 8.x I decided not to upgrade. Why? Because it causes more problems than it is worth. See yourself:

  • Apple broke TRIM for 3rd party SSDs. It is pretty bad not to provide TRIM by default for all drives but to complicate TRIM enabling is even worse. Yes, this can be overruled but the cost is lowering security of the OS. Bad.
  • Continuity. Sorry, no. I do not wish to pick up phone calls on my Mac or iPad. I do not want all my devices to ring at the same time, especially when I am on a call with my boss over Skype. Yes, it can be switched off. But I do not want to go and switch it off everywhere somewhere deep inside settings. I want either a question at installation or this feature to be off by default to preserve compatibility.
  • Stability issues. OS X should not come with wi-fi connectivity issues.
  • Performance issues. Nether iOS, not OS X should be that much terribly slower because some head at Apple decided that transparency is cool and windows now should be transparent. Yes, can be turned off but why the system comes with non-optimal settings?
  • Why does it enforces iCloud on me? I do not want to use your iCloud, Apple!
Apple devices and OS are still the best combination to work with. Nobody made even anything remotely close to the convenience of Apple production for the same price. So I stick with Apple for now but I am looking for something else. Not Windows. May be some Linux, which is optimized for humans (no, not Ubuntu). And good hardware that works smoothly, with multitouch touchpad and proper keyboard work. 404, not found so far.

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