Dec 26, 2013

Fix for Apple's Latvian keyboard layout

Programmers, who use Apple computers with Latvian keyboard layout may find it disappointing that the single quote key is made a "dead key". (Dead keys let you type characters that are not usually on the keyboard, such as ā or š). Single quote is often used in programming, so having it back in the Latvian keyboard layout would be an advantage.

I made a little addition to an excellent KeyRemap4MacBook app, which can remap many keys on the keyboard. My additions include:

  • Change dead key (single quote) back to single quote
  • Change backquote to quote (does not work in Terminal unless you deselect "Use option as meta key" in Terminal's Settings>Keyboard)
  • Use tilde key properly
  • Map Option+Shift+2 to produce a euro sign as on the US keyboard (the default Option+Shift+Q) works as well.

The fix is here. You can install it by pasting the relevant part to your private.xml. See  KeyRemap4MacBook for more information about private.xml.