Oct 30, 2013

OS X lid sleep and Google Chrome

Found a problem on Mountain Lion & Mavericks: if you use Google Chrome, you may experience Macbook Pro sleep issues when closing the lid. It may take several minutes until MacBook goes to sleep. Testing if the issue exists is easy: just keep Chrome running (preferably with heavy content, like YouTube) and close the lid. If the sleep indicator does not start to "breath" in 2-3 seconds, you have the issue. Open it, quit Chrome and try again. You will see that MacBook goes to sleep much faster. Apple Safari has no such issue.

Why this can be a problem for you? Because when you are on the move, you need every bit of power you can scrap from the battery. Even though OS X Mavericks increased battery life for me from 4h to 6.5h, I still prefer to save all the power that my battery has.

So I migrated from Safari. Incidentally, it is faster than Chrome in Mavericks.

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