Oct 27, 2013

Assigning a backtick key as a shortcut to the Safari Reader

Safari includes a nice feature called "Reader". This is a feature very similar to what Readability extension in Google Chrome do: it takes the main content of the page and presents it for easier reading by stripping all other elements of the web site and changing the font to a big nice and easily readable.

All is good but Google Chrome uses a back tick key for invoking Readability while Safari uses Command+Shift+R, which is much less convenient (try that on your keyboard!). Normally you can change this in the OS X Keyboard settings. The problem is: that panel accepts only keys with modifiers (you cannot have anything without a Command, or Alt, to Control). So how to add a back tick there?

Terminal comes to help (this is one line below!):

defaults write com.apple.Safari NSUserKeyEquivalents -dict-add "Show Reader" "\`"

This command will set the back tick as a reader invoker. Back slash is needed there, it escapes the back tick for the Terminal and will not be a part of the final key sequence.

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