Feb 12, 2013

Speeding up Samba access in OS X

The following Terminal commands will help you to speed up the access to Samba shares. Note that one of command will report a error in recent OS X versions. You can ignore that error safely.

sudo sysctl -w net.inet.tcp.mssdflt=1460 
sudo sysctl -w net.inet.tcp.sendspace=262144 
sudo sysctl -w net.inet.tcp.recvspace=262144 
sudo sysctl -w net.inet.udp.recvspace=74848
sudo sysctl -w net.inet.udp.maxdgram=65535
sudo sysctl -w net.inet.tcp.rfc1323=1 
sudo sysctl -w net.inet.tcp.newreno=1 
sudo sysctl -w net.inet.tcp.always_keepalive=1 
sudo sysctl -w net.inet.tcp.keepidle=3600 
sudo sysctl -w net.inet.tcp.keepintvl=150 
sudo sysctl -w net.inet.tcp.slowstart_flightsize=4
sudo sysctl -w net.inet.tcp.strict_rfc1948=1
sudo sysctl -w net.inet.tcp.delayed_ack=1


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  2. Cool, but how would I be able to undo this?