Mar 5, 2012

Why did 65% of russians vote for Putin?

This article is unusual for my blog because I never talk politics here. I consider this article to be one of the most important articles in my blog and my life.

Why did I write this article?

On December 7th, 2011 FoxNews showed a report about protesters in Moscow. Here it is:

The problem is: it is not Russia in the video. It is Greece. Fox News lied to its viewers. Same do other news agencies. They show you what you should see, not what really happens in Russia. They tell you what you should believe. And usually you do. Now read the truth.

I am russian. I lived in Russia until I was 27, than I emigrated (you will understand later why). But I am still russian, I follow every event that happens in Russia, I visit it regularly and I have relatives there. Most likely I will return to Russia in the near future. If you want to know the truth about Putin, read on. I must warn that this article represents my own views and talks about the history as I remember and know it. Some bits can be incorrect but general picture should be right.

I must tell that this is strictly my personal views on the subject.