Feb 22, 2012

Apple integrates Vimeo to Mountain Lion instead of YouTube

Apple integrates Vimeo to Mountain Lion, skips YouTube. This is interesting news, which shows several important signs to us.

Firsts, Apple does not follow trends, it creates trends.

When Apple refused to support flash, many saw this like an obvious fault, which would seriously decrease ratings of iOS. That did not happen. Flash came to Android but was unusable. In the end both Adobe and Google abandoned Flash support for mobile devices.

Secondly, if the service is absent on iOS, it looses a lot of audience.

While Facebook is a huge web site, it is not really present on iOS. Due to unknown reasons Facebook and Apple did not agree on Facebook integration to iOS. As a result Apple integrated Twitter support to iOS, which gave Twitter a huge boost: lots of twits now come from iOS devices. iOS is also known as the OS, which makes the most of Internet traffic these days.

Thirdly, Google should not have fought Apple.

When Google decided to make a concurrent product and hired a former Apple employee, who was working on iPhone to create Android, this was unfair. Apple now ignores all new Google services and includes products from alternative solution vendors. Twitter instead of Google Buzz, Vimeo instead of YouTube.

Will Apple remove YouTube and Gmail support from iOS?

I do not think this will happen soon but it is likely. Apple becomes more and more agressive in defending its inventions, so I do not see why they would promote competitor's services any more. Personally I have nothing against Google (I like Gmail) but Apple may think different.

We can also remember a huge scandal when Google cheated on Safari users, implementing workarounds for Safari privacy policy to avoid cookie blocking by users. Not nice at all.

“If you are against us, you are not with us”, that's current Apple policy. If somebody acts against you, you do not have to be good to him. Sounds natural.


  1. I love your blog but this is just Apple fanboy bla without serious argumentation.

  2. Why not? :) It is supposed to be fun, not "deep analytic".

  3. Apple is a corporation, and just like any corporation its driven by politics and money (to give Apple credit, they create amazing products in the process). Their decision to add support for twitter over facebook was most likely a result of negotiations with all parties, and the deal with twitter must have been better than what facebook proposed. Also, remember when facebook opposed an iPad app? Pure politics. I'm sure the same thing happened with Vimeo.