Jan 17, 2012

Current life

I am not very much visible in TYPO3 these days. So I though I would give a short update on what I am doing or going to do.

Firsts, I still work with TYPO3 at Snowflake Productions Gmbh. I really like Snowflake. People are professional, their attitude is wonderful, management is understanding and listening, projects are challenging, there is a lot of stuff to do. I had a two week vacation (a week before and a week after new year days). I am really satisfied with my current work.

Secondly, I do some patches to the core from time to time. In projects we often find bugs in TYPO3 or other extensions. I investigate, patch and submit those. I do not do reviews in Gerrit because I do not have enough time for that now. Most likely I will have time for reviews in a week or two.

I spend more time with kids now. I decided not to use my computer in the evenings at all. It is not good to use the computer for too long. So I spend more time with kids. They are growing, it is important to be with them to avoid separation between kids and parents.

My wife is away now (studying MBA in one of the most respected Russian universities), so most of the household is on my shoulders. It is interesting. It added a bit of load but it is still interesting. I like control, I like to know what I have under hand and how much. I like getting supplies for work&life. So now I am in full control of the house life too. Of course, I miss my wife. But being in control of everything helps me to feel better.

I started to read more about project management and I plan to read book on operations management too. In my opinion knowing this stuff helps both professionally and in real life.

Another new hobby that I got is survival. I am going to learn how to survive in various situations (airplane crash, revolutions, infrastructure crash). This is an interesting area. I started to research that about a week ago.

I almost stopped watching TV. It does not feel necessary at all. Also stopped reading news about politics but investing more time into articles about management and human behaviour.

So, this is a current update about my life. I can be often seen on Twitter (see links on the right) and sometimes on Facebook. You are welcome to follow but be warned that I write more in Russian there than in English.


  1. Dmitry: I wish you all the best for your new challenges and have a good time with your kids. Your post have opened my eyes a little bit for the real important things in life. Thank you.

  2. Nice to hear more of your home life with your family. Have a nice year.
    I am a great admirer of your work and honesty in TYPO3.

  3. From Paul (france) : all the best for 2012 and enjoy survival, I use to do a kind of SAS survival training in my south-african field guiding days, and I have great memories of it...