Nov 17, 2011

How I came to TYPO3

In the comment to my previous article, I was asked how did I come to TYPO3. Here is the answer.
Me and my wife have a project in our country. The project has started in January 2001 as a set of static pages and grew to a large family portal with elements of a social network.
In 2001 it was just a diary, which my wife made online. Blogging was not a hot area at that time but she was blogging. People came and read, they were interested. So she asked me to make a forum on the site. So there was a forum. People asked for more: they wanted more articles, more information. The amount of information grew.
In 2003 we had our own rudimentary CMS. It allowed to manage pages and connect them to menu items. So menu structure was separate and pages were separate. Menu could be two levels deep maximum. The CMS was simple and fast, it could run on inexpensive shared hosting with a very limited CPU power, memory and disk space.
Number of articles grew and navigation became harder because we needed more nesting levels and greater editing capabilities. I worked full time on my daily job, so I could not create a “full force” CMS. I started to look around. I went to the and tried several CMSes there. At that time there was only one CMS there, which I more or less liked: Mambo (now it is called Joomla). TYPO3 also was there but the text said something like “the system is too heavy and complex to be installed as demo”.

Firsts, I decided to try Mambo. It was not obvious how can I make multiple pages with good navigations. I still believe it is not possible. So I had no choice but to try TYPO3. I read tutorials first (I always read then try) and installed it. I went straight to FTB tutorial and I loved the point-and-click mapping of TemplaVoila. In a couple of months time we migrated the site to use TYPO3. We bought our own server and co-located it. I wrote my first TYPO3 extension for polls and it took me about two months. I had to dig everywhere because there were no tutorials or books on extension programming. This is how I realised the full potential and TYPO3 and saw it strong and weak points.
Since that time I work with TYPO3 almost every day. It was a hobby for a couple of years but in 2008 I quit my non-TYPO3 job to fully work with TYPO3. I was a member of the TYPO3 core team at that time already.
Since 2008 my main job is with TYPO3. There were lots of changes in TYPO3. Kasper has left. Phoenix started and was ongoing for many years. OpenID and RSAAuth were brought to TYPO3. I got RealURL from Kasper and made lots of enhancements and bug fixing to TemplaVoila. Many other extensions were made (ratings, comments, Google sitemaps, etc) and others were bug fixed (tt_news, irfaq, etc).
Currently I am not doing much of the TYPO3 core work but that's another story, to be told some time in future.
So, now you know how I came to TYPO3.


  1. Out of interest - back in 2003 - have you considered a non-PHP-based CMS like Plone?

    Cheers, prinz.

  2. No. I needed a CMS that I can extend for the needs of my project. So I looked only to PHP CMSes.

  3. Your typo3-extensions have inspired me for good ideas for my own ORM before typo3-flow project. Thank you.

  4. nice and interesting text.

    'I worked full time on my daily job, so I could create a “full force” CMS'

    shoul dthat be 'could not'?

  5. The most interesting, as always, in English.


  6. Hi

    I love typo3 cms very much.


  7. Dmitry,

    What other hobbies you have other then typo3 projects.

    I mean to ask you which other cms.

  8. I use only TYPO3. I tried WordPress in the past. It is gret for blogging. I also know Magento (intermediate level). Nothing else.

  9. Hi

    According to you what should given high priority?

    Extbase or Pibase


  10. Extbase or Pibase – difficult question. Pibase is old, inflexible and not very clean. Extbase is new, still changing and has its own problems.

    I would say – use what you know best and what suits your needs best.

  11. How you manages time for your family and career.
    as i am working since last 15years and always found difficulty to manage time for my personal and professional life.

  12. Hello Dmitry

    Which platform is good to operate typo3 cms?
    Currently im using ubuntu10.04.

    Thanks in advance.
    Merry Christmas to you:)

  13. TYPO3 can run on any platform as soon as requirements from the INSTALL.txt are met. Merry Christmas to you too!