Nov 18, 2011

Future from Microsoft

I came across a video, which is a Microsoft's version of the future. Here it is:

This is beautifully rendered video but... it is fully Microsoft video :) Microsoft is different from many other companies in the way that they never invented much. They worked on inventions of others. For example, almost everything in this vide is either multitouch, or iPad-like or a 3D monitor from a science fiction. Nothing of this is new, everything was seen in movies already (take "V", for example for interfaces).
The other thing that bothered me, is that Microsoft believes it is the future, while most of it is present. HUDs (head-up displays) are quite common. BWM has them in cars, there are even eyeglasses with HUDs now (you can read e-mail with them or see geographical pointers). Multitouch exists for years in all Apple products. Gestures without touching was recently patented, which means implementation is is the labs already. 3D holograms exist for years. You can read news with phones, which are getting very slim, donate, set appointments and send instructions. Nothing of that is new! So where is the future in this video?
The kitchen has the same microwave (which makes your products less healthy for you). It is all present, nothing is from the future.
Pumps? In future??? Nuh.
If Microsoft wanted to show more of the future, they would not look to pumps or luxury cars. They would show holographic meetings (like in "Resident Evil: Extinction"), all green energy, voice controlled equipment ("Hi, Siri!"), less traveling and more time with family. That would the future.
But that's Microsoft: shiny outside, no new ideas inside.


  1. Dan Osipov just pointed me to an article of the former Apple designer about this video. Have a read:

  2. Personally, prefer clever Sci-Fi books. More ideas about the future.