Nov 29, 2011

Blog migration, RSS feed woes

As you may have noticed, I migrated to an external blog service. Domain name is the same but I am using Blogger now. There were several reasons to migrate:
  • I do not want to maintain the infrastructure. The blog ran on my own server, so I had to watch logs, do updates, etc. I rather not to do that because this blog is a hobby and not a real project. 
  • Better blogging capabilities. As a wrote already, TYPO3 is not really good for blogging at the moment. Blogger gives far more power tools
  • RTE is much better. When I prepared posts in the past, I always had to fight the TYPO3 RTE. It inserted &nsbp; all over the place, it changed markup all the time, added new paragraphs. So I sent at least 20∞ of time reformatting the article after it was published. Now I simply type and it works. 
  • Better spam handling. There is one guy from India, who regularly tries to abuse my blog by posting offensive words in his language together with phrases like "TYPO3 is great". Other Indians (for whom I have a great respect as a nation), would come here and see all that junk and turn away. This abuser is filtered away automatically now. Never could understand why would people do such destructive things...

About RSS

The side effect of changing the blog is that everybody, who subscribed to my RSS feed, got a lot of old articles marked as unread. I apologize for that. It happens when the blog platform changes. Just mark them as read.

Also I ask subscribers to check the feed they use. The right feed is If you use anything else, please, subscribe to All other feed links will cease to exist soon.

After using Blogger for a day I feel excited. It is very convenient. I think I'll blog more now. I have ideas for the whole set of articles on TYPO3, better coding, doing stuff in a right way. So stay tuned :)


  1. Looking forward to seeing new post from you!
    Best of luck with blogger!

  2. I think it's very good strategical decision.
    Probably, I would advice to add some basic template.
    At the moment, it's too much neutral.
    Move "About me" to the top of the column ?

  3. I'd be happy to get a good custom template. I am even willing to pay for it. But is has to be custom and I am not yet sure how I want it to look like :)