Oct 24, 2011

Backend search improvements in TYPO3 4.6

TYPO3 4.6 brings a lot of great enhancements. I would not tell you all of them in this post but you will learn about one of them. The reason to choose this enhancement is that it has a certain effects on TYPO3 extensions. Extension authors need to be aware of this change and adjust their extensions accordingly.
The enhancement I mean is an improvement of the Backend search. What was wrong with the old search? The old search worked like this:
  • Take all numeric fields and add them to the list of searchable fields (including uid and date/time fields)
  • Take all input and text fields and add them to the list (including, for example TSConfig field)
  • Use LIKE %...%
  • Search every table in the database if the table is in $TCA
  • Search 4 levels deep maximum but never say it to anybody. So people would wonder why can't they find results deep in the tree.
That causes too many fields to search for each table (most of them unnecessary). Also it searches numeric fields for string patterns using LIKE, which is a very slow operation. In case if there are many extensions installed, searching could take minutes.

What was changed? The search was adjusted to work like this:
  • Use only specially configured fields for search (i.e. we can search "bodytext" field but generally there is no need to search "TSConfig" or i18n_diffsource field)
  • Use numeric fields in search only if search phrase is numeric
  • Skip tables that are not configured in $TCA
  • Search regardless of pid unless searching "current page only" from the List module.

Oct 23, 2011

Using TYPO3 for blogging

From time to time I see questions in the TYPO3 mailing list about using TYPO3 got blogging. Since I have a blog made with TYPO3, I am going to compare several solutions and describe their advantages and disadvantages. I also share my own views on choosing the best blogging tool.

Oct 13, 2011

"Your computer was restarted because of a problem"

That message appeared each time after I restarted my MacBook Pro. It looks like a flag was written somewhere that this message should be displayed. While it takes a simple click to get rid of the message, I wanted to get rid of it once and forever. After a small search in Terminal I found how to fix it:

  • Open Terminal (use Spotlight to find it)
  • Type sudo rm /var/db/PanicReporter/current.panic

That's all. You can now reboot without errors.

Oct 6, 2011

Tribute to Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs, the former Apple CEO, the inventor of iPhone, the most innovative man in the world and the world's best CEO, died tonight.

I met Steve Jobs in 2008. Not personally, of course. I saw an old colorful iMac in 2001 and liked that. But I did not buy it and did not become an Apple fan. Next I got in touch with Apple products at TYPO3 developer days in 2006. There I really liked MacBook Pros and OS X. They were fantastic compared to my Windows notebook (I had a new good looking Fujitsu-Siemens). In the end of 2007 I bought my own MacBook Pro. And soon I heard about iPhone. "Nothing special", - thought I - "just another phone". Then I saw it and wanted it very much.

Accidentally I came across a Macworld 2007 keynote, where Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone. I had no idea about Steve Jobs at that time. I never heard his name before. So I was not pre-engaged. But the man hook me from first minutes. The power was radiating from him. I watched it again and again. This is the first time when I saw such an inspiring and energetic man. He did not jump like Steve Balmer. He did not speak in high voice like many politicians do. He spoke with love. Love and that feeling of "changing the world" really hooked me. I became a great fan of Steve Jobs and Apple.

Many say he is a paranoid dictator, who engages patent wars and secrecy. But this means nothing to me. To me, Steve Jobs will be always a man, who revolutionized the world of music, computers and mobile phones. He is the one, who inspired others. He is the man, who thought that highest quality is the top priority. He is the man, who wanted to leave a dent in the world. And he definitely did it.

Steve Jobs principles, as I saw them, were quite simple:

  • do original
  • do it best
  • love what you do

That's the goal to success and happiness. You can't do great stuff by mediocre copying. You can get money with this but money do not give happiness. The feeling that you made a good change in the world, makes you happy. And I think Steve was happy in the end.

Good luck to you, Steve Jobs, wherever you are now. Thanks for the lessons given. Your principles will live in many people's minds.