Apr 7, 2010

ThreadViews extension for Thunderbird and PostBox

If you are using Postbox e–mail, rss and news client (yeah, you should!), you may wonder if my ThreadViews extension works with it.
Yes, it does. Version 1.3 is specially updated to support PostBox!

Get it here of from the Mozilla download page. On Mozilla web site this extension is listed as experimental because there are no enough feedbacks to promote it to public. If you like this extension, please, leave a positive feedback there.


  1. Hi - thanks for sharing that addon, makes it much easier to work in NGs. How many ratings do you need to promote this extension to public?

    Cheers - Tolleiv

  2. Thanks a lot...



  3. I do not know exactly how many ratings should it be. Mozilla web site says "sufficient feedback" :) Not a very precise number :)