Apr 8, 2010

Easy phishing scam detection tool

Did you know that you have an easy phishing scam detection tool? Yes, you do! It is called "your eyes"!
Today I got a nice phishing scam. Here it is:

Cyan–colored rectangles are mine. They are created by my "scam detection tool".
What do they tell you? That typography is inconsistent. You do not even have to read this e–mail to understand that it is not from Google. Just look: missing spaces here, unnecessary spaces there, missing punctuation. Scam.
This message is still more clever than a typical "YOU WON 1000000000€ SEND YOUR MAIL SEX ADDRESS".
So next time when you get a message from Google or Apple, watch the typography. Bad typography is the first sign of scam.


  1. Hehe, gave me a good laugh. Though recently I got one that tried to hijack my "Packstation" account (kind of a box where you can get your mail packages delivered to if you know you're most likely not at home at the time of delivery). The mail looked very professional and they even cloned the actual login website very well. What made me realize the scam was that they cloned a slightly older version of the site. Only after that I also saw that the URL was clearly not authentic.

    I can imagine that some less skeptical people fell for it.

  2. One day these guys will hire some unemployed literature studies students, then we have some serious problems ;-)

  3. Yes, unfortunately they are. I will fix and other posts on weekends. Possibly will also restore some missing posts.

    Import to Blogger did not went too well.