Apr 8, 2010

Easy phishing scam detection tool

Did you know that you have an easy phishing scam detection tool? Yes, you do! It is called "your eyes"!
Today I got a nice phishing scam. Here it is:

Cyan–colored rectangles are mine. They are created by my "scam detection tool".
What do they tell you? That typography is inconsistent. You do not even have to read this e–mail to understand that it is not from Google. Just look: missing spaces here, unnecessary spaces there, missing punctuation. Scam.
This message is still more clever than a typical "YOU WON 1000000000€ SEND YOUR MAIL SEX ADDRESS".
So next time when you get a message from Google or Apple, watch the typography. Bad typography is the first sign of scam.

Apr 7, 2010

ThreadViews extension for Thunderbird and PostBox

If you are using Postbox e–mail, rss and news client (yeah, you should!), you may wonder if my ThreadViews extension works with it.
Yes, it does. Version 1.3 is specially updated to support PostBox!

Get it here of from the Mozilla download page. On Mozilla web site this extension is listed as experimental because there are no enough feedbacks to promote it to public. If you like this extension, please, leave a positive feedback there.