Mar 23, 2010

Setting up multiple e–mail addresses with Postbox

If you like Postbox, you may like it even more when you know that you can set up many e–mail addresses for the same account. For example, people write me to four different addresses and I generally reply from the same address. All e–mails come to the single mailbox. Essentially these addresses are aliases to my main e–mail address.
The most straightforward solution for having multiple e–mail addresses is to set up many accounts. But this solution is very inconvenient because you get many fake accounts in your sidebar. Much better solution is to use identities.
Identities in Postbox link multiple e–mail addresses to a single account. You can also have automatic signature insertion and PGP key selection for the identity.
To use identities, go to your accounts:

Clicking "Manage identities" button will bring new a window with all your identities:
Here you can add, edit or delete them: complete control! Here is how editing looks like:

As you see, it is very simple and convenient.
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  1. This is a great feature of Postbox. I was tired of all the "fake" accounts in my Mail sidebar (and 5 different inboxes, only 1 of which I cared about) just to be able to respond from different email addresses.

    My Postbox trial just finished, and I purchased today, making the switch from Mail official.

  2. Thank you for this tip, it's exactly what I have been looking for!

  3. thanks, but how do you then select which email address you'd like to reply from?

  4. You can select that in the "New mail" window.

  5. are you on Mac? I don't see a 'new mail' window.
    ex: I want to write an email, so I go to 'compose'. Do I have to set something before I hit compose to make sure I'm in the right account? Or can I select my From address from within the compose window?

  6. I still use Postbox 1. I have a "New mail" window there.