Mar 18, 2010

Postbox: e–mail, rss and news client

A week ago I discovered Postbox: a great looking e–mail, rss and news client based on Mozilla Thunderbird. However it is much faster than Thunderbird and offers many goodies to organize your communication more effectively.
Here is a screenshot of Postbox:

Click to enlarge
On Mac Postbox can make Spotlight search your messages. On any platform you get lightning fast search, tags that work very well, link extraction, easy signature editing (no more files for signatures!), Facebook & Twitter integration. You can even attach files from one message to another! Attachment downloading is also easy from the sidebar you see on the right.
In other words, I am absolutely love Postbox!
Now, something special for you. Postbox is not free, it costs $39.95 but if you follow my referral link, it will cost you $10 less, only $29.95. It is absolutely worth all its money! Give it a try, you will not be disappointed!


  1. Well, Postbox looks good on the first glance but I miss some very basic features I really need:

    1. Smart folders

    2. Consolidated inbox (I have 5 accounts)

    That renders the program unusable for me. Check the trial before you buy! :-)



  2. I had a look at Postbox as weel a few weeks ago. And I really like the look and feel as well as the handling.

    Unfortunately it does not support Exchange natively (needed for me to be in sync with my co-workers in the company). Of cause you can use the IMAP workaround. But nicely working calender / address book sync would be missing.

    So, I had to stick with, which of cause is a good choice as well. :)

  3. Hey Dmitry, thanks for highlighting Postbox, I was moments away from updating to Thunderbird 3 but will be giving this a try out first, as some of the features seem exceptionally useful.

    I notice however that it focusses on EMail (No bad thing) but doesn't appear to include any calendaring / appointment functionality. May I ask what tools you use to track such things?

    Kindest regards and keep keep up the exceptional work,


  4. At first sight it looks nice. Thanks for the suggestion.

    Something I like in Thunderbird very much is the ability to display in period groups (not sure how to call them). So a group for today, yesterday, last week, month etc. Haven't found that yet.

    But, will finish my month trial first.

    Cheers, Rik