Mar 9, 2010

New "Magento development" book

If you are a developer interested in Magento e–commerce platform, here is the best Magento development book for you, reviewed by me :)


  1. Thanks for the hint. But since Magento released 1.4 a few weeks ago do you also recommend this book if somebody wants to write extensions for 1.4? I assume the fundamentals are still the same.

  2. I did not look to 1.4 yet but I think it is the same. I would be more worried if it were Magento 2.0. But 1.4 should be ok.

  3. I disagree about your review of the php|Architect's guide, it was my lifesaver in my starting days with Magento.

  4. Thank you Dmitry,

    Great review.

    You are as always on the front-line.