Mar 3, 2010

Farewell, TemplaVoila!

As of today I am no longer managing or developing the famous TYPO3 TemplaVoila extension. I decided to quit the development and lead because my views on the development, purpose and perspective of this extension does not agree with other developers in the team. Being democratic I prefer to leave than to stay on the way of others.

It happened so that I was a sole TemplaVoila development for three years. I spent numerous hours of my own time fixing bugs and implementing new features. I never got a cent for it, it was always a pure enthusiasm. Nobody sponsored or supported this work. The reality of the open source world: you create, others use, you stay away.

Today I announced that TemplaVoila 1.4.2 will not be released any soon because of the major bugs in it. I was immediately accused of “stopping progress” by two different people. All these years of hard work meant nothing it seems. I was very much stressed by such views. I can’t bear that. And I won’t. Quality means very much to me but I am not going to listen to any more accusations. I would rather drop the project completely than being accused of stopping progress because I want to release a quality product. I am tired to fight for the quality!

I think TemplaVoila was the best that happened to TYPO3. To me my latest 1.3.x version would be still the best one: slim, small, fast, free of unnecessary clatter and cheap looking plastic icons. I am going to use 1.3 for my own projects from now on. I am going to host it on Google code and fix bugs and make it compatible with newer TYPO3 version as they are released. The official version is to be continued by other people. Since now I have absolutely no relation to TemplaVoila. My name will be removed from the extension soon.

Long live to you, TemplaVoila! Have a good future! Good bye!

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