Jan 18, 2010

Using XDebug helper plugin with FireFox 3.5.7

Recently my FireFox automatically updated itself and disabled XDebug helper plugin, which I use to debug PHP scripts with Komodo IDE. While it is possible to start debugging by adding XDEBUG_START_DEBUG=1 to the URL, it is not very convenient when debugging such framed applications as TYPO3 Backend.

There is no update for this plugin. Even worse: it is disappeared from the list of FireFox plugins. Fortunately I have it locally and managed to cheat FireFox to recognize this plugin as valid.

It is quite simple. Firsts, you need to shutdown FireFox. Next you need to go to the extensions/ subdirectory of your FireFox profile. On Mac it is in ~/Library/Application Support/Firefox/Profiles/ff3.default. In the extensions/ you will see xdebughelper@mail.ru and install.rdf inside it. Open this file in the text editor. You need to change two values there:

  • set em:maxVersion to 3.*
  • increase em:version

Start FireFox and you have XDebug icons in FireFox again!


  1. Hi Dmitry,

    this Addon sounds interesting. Could you provide a copy, please?



  2. > Could you provide a copy, please?

    I took this one:


  3. I do not have installation package for this plugin. But, as already said, it can be found on the Internet.

  4. This is what i was looking for, but does this work for installing it on a fresh copy of FF 3.5.7? I did a system refresh about the same time as the plugin disappeared from the add-ons site so I didn't have it installed.

  5. Thanks Dmitry, it helped a lot!

    For me, setting "em:maxVersion" to 3.* was enough.


  6. I made the mistake of removing it from my firefox installation and now 3.5.7 won't let me reinstall because it's not compatible. Any suggestions on how to edit the xpi or to get it to install?

  7. Scott,

    I guess you have to downgrade to 3.0, which you can get googling "old version firefox", install the plug-in, then get back to 3.5.7, and not to 3.6, since this trick doesn't seem to work with the latest version of firefox.

  8. There is a blog post from the author of this extension. He provide a version of this and suggest other similiar extensions nut read by yourself: