Jan 29, 2010

No thumbnails in TYPO3? Check ImageMagick!

I upgraded my server to a newer version of Linux in December. Today I suddenly noticed that I see "No image generated" yellow banner across all images in the TYPO3 backend.
Normal steps in such cases would be to go and check ImageMagick installation using the TYPO3 Install tool:

There is a special section there for image tests:

Basic tests for reading graphics formats told me that convert did not produce any results.
I know what it means. I run Apache in the chrooted environment and after upgrades copies of ImageMagick in the chroot jail are not the same as outside of it. So I upgraded binaries in the jail but it did not change anything. Hmmmm.
I went to chroot jail and tried to call convert from there. Here is what I got:
convert: UnableToOpenConfigureFile `delegates.xml' @ configure.c/GetConfigureOptions/553.
delegates.xml is a file that contains ImageMagick configuration for image conversions with external programs. So it must be missing. I checked /usr/share/ImageMagic-x.y.z and that directory was empty.
"This is easy" I thought. I reinstalled ImageMagick and ran convert again. Huh? Same error? Checking the directory: it is still empty.
Finally I managed to solve it. I had to delete ImageMagick completely with all its dependencies and install it fresh. Than it worked. Now I have my thumbnails again!


  1. Fran├žois SuterJanuary 29, 2010 at 2:54 PM

    One more catch I stumbled upon recently is that the images generated by the Install Tool are stored in typo3temp/ and will be re-used if the generation fails. So if the IM command didn't succeed, but produced no error either, you may miss the fact that it didn't work. IMO the Install Tool should delete the cached images first (been meaning to make a patch for this, but I just don't have the time).

  2. Interesting ideas, thanks for sharing!

    I just run into similar problems recently. No thumbs being generated in the BE. However, to my own surprise, all tools for image processing in the install tool work perfectly!

    What do you think can be the problem when the test for image processing turns out to be successful yet no thumbs are generated in the BE?

    Thank you very much for your fine advice!

  3. I had problem generate thumbs when file name contains special characters ( chinese in my case.) Please take a look at this thread:


  4. No thumbnails in TYPO3 (although InstallTool tests for IM passed)? Check your RealURL conf!

    Yes! that's not a joke! If you'll be careless and you'll leave empty lines in realurlconf.php after ?> sign, you won't see thumbnails anymore in BE!

    Of course IT IS NOT RealURL fault and the simplest way is just to remove ?> from the end at all :)

    Just thing to remember, for curious guys hint: it's related to thumbs.php file and RealURL only helped me to discover that.

  5. This is enormous. I am searching a solution for this thumbnail pb for many years. I removed empty lines from realurlconf.php and alleluiah !

    Just a perfect day :-)

  6. Hej!

    can I run typo3 without ImageMagick or GraphicMagick if not can I just copy the files of the program (without install bcz no permission in my hosting to install) under the site directory (ex. /typo3conf/..)

  7. Same with me, had to delete the last empty line in my realurl config. Whyever ....

  8. hi Dmitry, plz where to find the imagemagick files to upload to /typo3config i dont have permission to install .exe program on my hosting.

    1. thx for reply , I use Linux too but I have a client ...