Oct 8, 2009

Next version of RealURL is almost ready (1.6.0)

The next version of the RealURl TYPO3 extension is almost ready. You can grab a pre–release copy of it. This version supports long cHash values that will appear and in TYPO3 4.3. Running on PHP 5.3 is fully supported and tested. There is also a lot of bug fixes and an improved redirect module. Here is a full list since the previous release:

  • Fixed bug #11393: 2 folder with "exclude from speaking URL" - 404Error
  • Fixed bug #9545: "exclude from speaking url segment" doesn't work if there are two or more pages with the flag in the same directory
  • Fixed bug #12137: Field field_alias in table tx_realurl_uniqalias too small when using CONCAT_WS('-',verylongfieldname,other...) in alias_field
  • Fixed bug #11042: Wrong behaviuor of exclude from speaking url parameter
  • Fixed bug #9877: Problems with PD-Admin
  • Fixed bug #10329: Speaking URL path segment disappered from page overlay
  • Changed index bk_realurl02 (shorter key)
  • Commented TCEmain hook: it needs a better way of handling page renames
  • Fixed bug #9976: realurl stops working when encodeSpURL_postProc hook is used
  • Fixed bug #11873: Error in dokumentation decodeSpURL_postProc does not exist
  • Fixed bug #11347: Strip Tags in Titles
  • Fixed bug #11777: Add new field "spurl_string" to tx_realurl_chashcache that makes it easier to debug the contents of this table
  • Fixed bug #9267: "bad" line in realurl manual
  • Removed ereg_* functions (deprecated in PHP 5.3)
  • Small fixes in the redirect module
  • Replace cHash with the one provided in the query string (Snowflake fix)
  • Reworked redirects module
  • Fixed problem: if default language uid is not 0 and language is not set in the URL, RealURL still used 0
  • Changed layout and fields in the 'Redirects' function
  • Removed 'Clear cache' on extension update
  • Changed cHash table to use a full md5 string as URL hash. This makes less possible to create wrong cHashes.
  • Use full URL in redirects to prevent wrong redirects
  • Removed a method to find root page id by is_siteroot check
  • Fixed double call to findRootPageId() when using _DOMAINS
  • Added pages_language_overlay to modified_tables to make EM happy
  • Removed hash from tx_realurl_pathcache and optimized the whole handling of this cache with additional indexes
  • Added strict mode with more checks for the configuration
  • Added a call to pageNotFound and exit if incoming URL cannot be parsed
What we all need now is a lot of testing. Please, get this version and test it. If you find a bug, post it to the bug tracker, please (no e–mails!). If you have a question about this new version, please, ask in the mailing lists (no e–mails!).


  1. Hi Dmitry,

    nice to hear!

    I'm a bit unhappy with #9757 not being included :(

    Is there still a chance to hav this in?



  2. This sounds very, very good! Thanks for your work.

    I'm wondering, what is the solution you found to bug #9545?

  3. Hi Dmitry

    Please check this patch, it's realy great!


    Best regards,


  4. Hi Dmitry

    I am testing this new version in a multilanguage and multidomain installation. As far as I could see there is a little bug in the redirection module. Every time I'm saving a redirection (i.e. from /news/archive/ to http://www.mydomain.com/newsarchive/) the "redirect to" value is prepended by a slash (makes it /http://www.mydomain.com/newsarchive/) which causes an error.

    In 1.5.3 stable it worked perfectly.

    Thank you for your work,


  5. Hi Dmitry,

    I just want to say thank you for the great work you did and do in developing this fine extension!


  6. Something changed :)

    The configuration for t3blog didn't work but after this update it does (It worked without useUniqueCache for 'tx_t3blog_pi1[blogList][showUid]' but I don't know the reason and what has changed now so I don't post it in the bugtracker).

    Even I stumpled across #15602 I'm lucky that it works now.

    Thanks for that update!!!