Sep 25, 2009

Getting rid of PGP WDE for Mac

A couple of months ago I installed PGP Whole Disk Encryption (WDE) for Mac OS X. This software encrypts the entire hard disk and requires pre–boot authentication before allowing Mac OS X to boot. It worked well on Leopard: no slow downs, no faults, simple and effective. I like it.

Now Snow Leopard is out. PGP Inc promised to release a Snow Leopard–compatible version of WDE together with the Snow Leopard release. They failed. Instead they offered a beta program where anybody can sign up. I signed up twice. No good. Not even a single response from PGP.

PGP keeps complete silence about updating WDE for Snow Leopard. I waited for weeks but now I decided to get rid of WDE. It is a bad attitude to customers, when PGP continues to keep silence while users actively ask about the status of the software.

I decided to get rid of WDE and install Snow Leopard. If PGP Inc fails to keep its promises and ignores its customers, than I am no longer a customer of PGP Inc. That ends PGP product usage for me.


  1. I understand that it is frustrating to receive no answer - which really isn't a good move. But just to get things right, you moan about a software update which is 4 weeks behind schedule? And furthermore this software has to be extremly well tested as it is responsible for ALL your data on your harddrive. Do you think it is better to sell software which might risk your data? Think different! Personally I wouldn't use some kind of beta encryption software on my computer just to be the number one hero who discovered the last critical bug.

    As a software developer yourself you should understand how important it is to release good software - don't you dislike those "please give me some preview version code, although I don't have a clue" e-mails? I do.

  2. IIRC Truecrypt is available for Mac, too.

  3. Ingo, TrueCrypt does not offer full disk encryption.

    Andreas, they had plenty of time to release their software in time. Most vendor has Snow Leopard (SL) version ready before the release of the SL. SL was available as beta for developers for a long time. They just did not make it right and they do not give status updates, which means they do not really care. So I will not use it anymore. Customer care is very important for me.

  4. I don't know all the criteria, but this sounds like FDE.

  5. Ingo, it is Windows-only. They do not support whole disk encryption for Mac :(

  6. customer care is very important... it shows how the company relates to the customer. If the company doesn't communicate with its users, it obviously doesn't think very well of them.