Sep 14, 2009

E-mail puzzle

What would you think if you have received an e–mail that looks approximately like this:
Dear Dimitri!
We found your web site and we think that you are a TYPO3 expert. We are a leading TYPO3 agency with 6 months history. Our agency lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Suspendisse et lectus eget dolor fringilla suscipit. Fusce elementum orci in tellus rutrum blandit. Aenean pretium laoreet massa at gravida. Phasellus tortor lacus, euismod pellentesque hendrerit ac, tincidunt sit amet felis. Nam at est non lacus hendrerit egestas non eget magna.

Mauris ut nunc eget elit vestibulum pharetra ac vitae nunc. Ut nec pharetra turpis. Ut diam lectus, iaculis ut eleifend in, lobortis vitae velit. Fusce viverra nunc et odio ultrices sit amet blandit quam mollis. Nullam ultricies enim id nunc convallis euismod. Nunc scelerisque, velit a vehicula cursus, sapien risus sodales leo, sit amet pretium ante dolor sed diam.
Duis orci ante, sollicitudin non tristique vitae, blandit at nisl. Aenean sed erat leo, eget luctus diam. Vestibulum vitae ligula vitae dolor auctor adipiscing. Curabitur ullamcorper facilisis porttitor. Aenean augue magna, imperdiet id egestas et, tincidunt molestie nulla. Vestibulum molestie purus at est ornare at aliquet sapien mollis.
Can we ask you a simple TYPO3 question?
Best regards,
John Doe
CEO "Super Web Agency"

This e–mail is confid...uis id justo at metus facilisis rutrum. Nullam bibendum volutpat interdum. Suspendisse porta nisl eu dui vestibulum aliquet. Etiam interdum tellus et mauris dictum consequat. Aenean vehicula, quam eu faucibus imperdiet, metus nisl ultricies diam, non porta velit mauris eget nunc. Nam commodo cursus vehicula. Duis vitae nibh in risus ornare ultricies. Duis rhoncus rhoncus urna, et laoreet urna porttitor vitae. Integer at bibendum nisi. Etiam nec nunc quis nisi laoreet tristique. Nullam laoreet varius magna, quis vestibulum quam lobortis laoreet. Morbi sollicitudin sem mattis quam sollicitudin vitae mattis nisi ornare.
E–mail's informational value or size did not change much after I replaced some text with lorem ipsum. All really relevant parts are kept.
Please, let me know your opinion in comments.


  1. "We are a leading TYPO3 agency with 6 months history."

    Yeah, right, leader after six months. And wants to ask you a 'simple' Typo3 question. Tell them your hourly fee. Or point them to tsref, amazon, irc, mailing lists, etc.

  2. What do they want? Why can't they write "Dmitry". What Question? Who has declared the question as simple, this "leading TYPO3 agency"? Why don't they answer it by themselve?

    Delete and go on with your work.


  3. > All really relevant parts are kept.

    That was a good one!


  4. wow... Do things like these happen often to you? Great. Ridiculous ;)

    BTW. Thanks for integrating to your site. Just saw it when I clicked around a little bit

  5. I would do as the "Anonymous Coward" suggests :-)

    But for the fun, let us now the simple question :P

  6. be or not to be.. they have some problems ... but not with TYPO3 .. :-D

    let us know!!

  7. Trade their simple question for your hardest TYPO3 question.

  8. Maybee your Spam Check is not working ;)

  9. They just wanted to offer you a job so you could work in "a leading TYPO3 agency".

    With you they'd have more than 6 month history ;)

  10. Definitely a WTF ;-)

    6 Month and leading, either a very small country or a even smaller town ;-)

    Greets from Hamburg


  11. I get such mails at least weekly. What I dislike most in them is the amount of the information noise. It does not let me to set up filters to get rid of all such mails automatically :)

    Mostly these mails come from India and Pakistan.

  12. This really funny mail :) but you cant blame any country for it..