Aug 20, 2009

Is Yahoo better than Google at search?

I use Blind Search a lot recently. It fetches search results from three major search engines: Bing, Google and Yahoo. It shows results to you and than asks what results you like the most. I found that most often I am satisfied with Yahoo search results. For example, searching for "magento set product type programmatically" showed two first results in Yahoo where I got most answers to my questions. Bing was #2 and Google was #3.

This is not a single example. I find that Google relelvancy becomes worse and worse. It is much harder to find what you are really looking for. Blind search shows me that Yahoo is now better than Google and Bing is nearly the same as Google.

Will Google loose the battle?


  1. Bing is not better. You have to take localization in perspective. In Switzerland, bing and yahoo searches are most of the time useless, because they only show me companies and websites from the us.

    Bing is really relly bad on some topics: Search for "Virtual PC". Despite its a product from Microsoft, Bing won't find the the page on at all! No usable results on the first page.

    On Google, you can even spell it wrong like "virtuall poc" and the FIRST TWO links are the correct pages! That’s just embarrassing for bing...

  2. I used yahoo now a lot, just because i did't want to use google all the time and thats my opinnion on this:

    like you said the relevance on google is worse than yahoo, but google just give you more results.

    And in some cases when yahoo just found a few result not matching what i searched i had to use google to find it (even it takes much more time searching the results for it).

    so my personal conclusion:

    try yahoo, it's faster finding what you want in most cases. and if you have too few results there try google and take some time.

    and thanks for the tip, i'll give blindsearch a try ;)

  3. google by default optimizes seach for the users country of origin (using locale of a browser, i suppose)

    Obviously using blind removes this functionalty;/

  4. Bing is currently dropping sites and pages like theres no tomorrow (just like MSN always has done)i've noticed this with several sites.. they do come back though in the majority of cases.

    Bing is a joke.. the all new search engine, yet behaves exactly the same as MSN and returns the same results.