Jul 14, 2009

YouTube drops Internet Explorer 6 support

TechCrunch reports that YouTube may drop Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 support soon. In my opinion this is excellent news. Just a couple of days ago I spent almost the whole day trying to make the site with complex CSS layout work correctly in the Internet Explorer 6. FireFox, Opera, Safari and newer versions of Internet Explorer were all fine. Internet Explorer 6 required its own CSS. It is plain stupid to support such an old browser that does not behave according to standards in any mode.

I do welcome MSIE6 support drop from major market players! It means that users will start to upgrade and we (web developers) can finally get rid of this old and badly working browser.

Since YouTube belongs to Google, it can be a first step for Google to drop MSIE6 support. If Google does it, it would be a big help to all web developers around.

Google, please?!


  1. Steffen MüllerJuly 15, 2009 at 12:27 AM

    They wouldn't push users to drop IE6, if there was no chrome :)

    Smart marketing.

  2. It's been time for such an change. I stopped supporting IE6 since about a half year now in my projects and even in my client's projects. It's not easy to convince clients to not support IE6, but in the fact of the costs it's mostly a good argument :)

  3. Yep, a great way to push the user in the right direction to use chrome...

    Or Safari 4 on mac with CSS3 Support, which is awesome by the way when you look at this:


  4. Oh, that's a pretty good news. I made my pages cross-browser stable up from IE 5.0. But that took over 2 month. If there wouldn't be any IE it had taken not more than a week.