Jun 24, 2009

Stolen content

Update: the stolen content is now removed from the offending site.

I was notified that a seo24.at web site republished my article about TYPO3 performance optimization as their own thus violating my copyright. Here is their copy and here is the original. Pity to see that there are still people like this one. The could have asked and got permission immediately. Now I have to ban them from republishing anything from this site... I like to share and promote the knowledge but I hate content stealing in any form.


  1. Shame on them ! I really hope that you, Dmitry, will continue to write such great articles despite those content stealers.

  2. even if they didn't ask, one would minimum expect that they put a link to dmitry announcing that they translated it only and some credits/thx ... but no, worse! not asking, not linking and the the following in the imprint:

    "Alle Texte auf dieser Seite wurden von mir geschrieben!"

    (which means 'all texts on this page have been written by me!') with an exclamation mark.

    shame, shame, shame ... :(

    we should all twitter an blame them!

    dmitry their is good and bad everywhere, me too I would like to encourage you not to take to personally, and please continue to share yr knowledge for the rest of us.

  3. sue them..

  4. I can't believe my eyes. That makes me sad..

  5. Let's ban them! Write comments on the blog, how poor this is and twitter it!

  6. We had similar issues a couple of days ago.

    I sent a fax to google about it:


    (There is no digital way due to SPAM protection..)

    Unfortunately Google refused to react. Try to sort it out on your own. Write them and tell them, that they are violating your copyright. That worked at least for one blog hoster which was hosting duplicated content from our site.

    And keep up the good work!

    Duplicated content just tells you that you are on the right way and you should go on..

  7. If it makes you feel better: The german translation is rather bad and sounds a bit like babelfish:

    "Das erste, was Sie machen, ist Ihr System zu erleichtern." *rofl*

    Adding to #2(stooky):

    The pages footer also says: "Kopien ohne einen Hinweis auf meinem Blog k├Ânnen Rechtliche Folgen mitsichbringen!" meaning "Copying without pointing to my blog may have legal impact."

  8. Really poor,

    we will see, if they delete my comment about this:


    Greetings and thx for the article.


  9. Thanks, everyone, for support!

    Yes, I will continue writing articles. I like it and I think it is really good to share tips and tricks. Knowledge is everything and I like sharing it.

  10. Next example:

    Compare http://secure.t3sec.info/comparison/ (original) with http://www.alternet.nl/Veiligheid_TYPO3_beter_dan_and.533.0.html

    It took me hours to compile that data!

  11. Issue of previous comment has been resolved by a newly added reference to my site.

  12. the content seems to be removed !

  13. Yep, post is removed,...

  14. This is the internet, welcome! People REPOST things. Have reposted on BBSs, have reposted on usenet, have reposted on the web. And will repost.

  15. >>> 42326

    This is however not true. "repost" means including original source author on top (Wikipedia:the person who originates or gives existence to anything) and because it's Internet YOU HAVE TO put backlink visible.

    Useful tips Dmitry! THX