May 6, 2009

Is Google Analytics reliable?

I have problems with Google Analytics. Looks like something is broken there.
I am checking a number of visitors on one site. I took yesterday (May 5, 2009) as a day to look at. The graph shows a different number of visitors for the same day depending on the start day of the graph! Have a look:

So I have 21325, 16914 and 5925 visitors for the same day. How is this possible? It seems to me that the number of visitors on May 5 can be only one number and it must not change if I change the starting date of the graph.
The same problem is with page views (another "absolute" metric) and visits.
Am I crazy or is this a error in Google Analytics?


  1. Hi!

    Must be a bug. Just checked my account with multiple sites and no error...

  2. Hmmmm,

    same problem here :s


  3. The bug doesn't seem to be occuring in dashboard view only in visitor overview-view :)

  4. And it happens only for the previous day from today I think.

  5. I've noticed similar errors in GA also. There are days when GA shows spikes in visitor numbers that are way off when compared to AWStats.

  6. I noticed that May 5 now is ok but May 6 has the same problem. So it is definitely about the previous day from today. Stats of the previous day are not reliable.

  7. It is known, that Google Analytics results "shake" a little every here and there and especially for the previous day (everything within the past 24 hours) . They should stabilize in the coming days. It also shows, that the one week view tends to be the most actual one against the longer period views.