May 8, 2009

Google SEO recommendations

TYPO3 SEO becomes a hot topic. I covered several TYPO3 SEO topics on this blog. This time I want to share a link to Google's SEO paper that I accidentally found while checking a Google Webmaster central for the customer.

In this document Google shares tips about optimizing your pages. These are official recommendations. It means that are not only safe to use but also highly recommended for every web site. As a side note: I was happy to find that I use almost everything from this paper on this site.

The paper is very useful for anybody interested in SEO. Please, get it, read it and implement.

Download the Google SEO paper.


  1. Stefan GalinskiMay 8, 2009 at 2:24 PM

    Hi Dmitry,

    Thanks for sharing this extremly helpful document!



  2. Hi Dmitry, thank you for sharing. Here is the german version:


  3. Dmitry checking out linkbaits ;-)

  4. Ingo, it is more a habit than anything else :) Not a big deal anyway...

  5. I've always wondered about SEO and Typo3. Specifically the DAM and the dreaded "fileadmin/" part in the url, in front of all the assets.

    /fantastic/images.jpg becomes fileadmin/fantastic/images.jpg in typo3, and that severely damange proximity and density of keywords.

    Are the anyway of removing/rewriting the "fileadmin" ?