May 11, 2009

Cleaning your Apple Mighty Mouse

If you own an Apply Mighty Mouse (excellent mouse, by the way!), you can ran into the famous problem: mouse stops scrolling into one or more directions. I was able to fix it for some time by following Apple's advise to scroll the mouse on the paper (up side down). This helped for a while but today the mouse stopped worked completely.

If this happens to you, it is really easy to disassemble and clean the mouse. The only important missing detail in the linked video is about cables. If attach a green cable the wrong way, the mouse will still work but as a one button mouse. So if the right mouse button does not work for you, open the mouse again and turn the green cable 180°.

And my mouse did not require any superglue to hold the ring. The ring stays in place. Just to be sure that it does not fall in the least expected moment, I put a tiny bit of transparent scotch tape on it. This way I will not have to break superglue again if I ever need to clean it.

Happy cleaning!

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  1. I had this behavior already twice. Good to have a thourough guide to follow. In my case I noticed that it was stuck scrolling up by some dirt that had accumulated just around the hole where the scroll ball resides. I managed to clean it by inserting something very fine (like a sheet of paper) in the gap and push the dirt out of it.