Apr 15, 2009

Was your e-mail to typo3.org rejected?

Currently most mails to typo3.org e–mail addresses are being rejected. I must tell that this is not a rejection from my side, it is a technical issue on typo3.org side (none of my control).

However if you contacted me and it caused you any inconvenience, I apologize and kindly ask you to resend your e–mail to my other e-mail address.

Thank you and sorry again for any inconvenience caused!


  1. The same here - I guess this is because typo3.org now uses rabl.nuclearelephant.com as anti-spam list. For some reason my IP address is listed there - so I'm not able to write a Mail to typo3.org in the moment. But others seem to have the same problem - perhaps this list collects too much IP adresses (and not only the ones who are responsible for spam) :-)

  2. I found cbl.abuseat.org to be the best blocking list around. It never caught a legitimate IP address so far. And it removes 90% of spam for me.

  3. Maarten MandemakerApril 15, 2009 at 7:57 PM

    But when you go to TYPO3.org neither the homepage nor the contactpage tells you about this.

    It seems like the TYPO3 teams are a bit slow these days.

  4. No wonder!

    See http://sourceforge.net/forum/forum.php?forum_id=941885


    rabl.nuclearelephant.com discontinued;

    Blacklist considers (every?) IP as spam sender

  5. Had the same Problem ... Last Days.

    Tried to inform BitFarmers ... no feedback jet. :(

  6. Marcus, intersting info :) All IPs are spammy :) Cool!!!

    Jens, I think someone from association got in touch with them. At least my mail works now! :)