Apr 21, 2009

Stopping maintenance of some TYPO3 extensions

Since today I stop maintaining the following TYPO3 extensions:
  • Comments (comments / 1.5.2)
  • Comments: individual closing (comments_ic / 1.1.2)
  • Comments: IP blocking (comments_ipbl / 0.1.2)
  • Comments: report a bad comment (comments_report / 1.0.1)
  • Ratings (ratings / 1.0.10)
  • Login user tracking (loginusertrack / 2.0.3)
  • tt_news: most popular news (nc_ttnews_mostpopular / 0.2.3)
  • Yet Another Feed Importer (yafi / 1.0.7)

All these extensions were developed for my previous employer. Since I left that company on March 1st, I do not plan to maintain those extensions any more. All update rights and extension keys are transferred to my past employer. I do not have commit rights to corresponding projects on Forge as of today.
I still can do custom development using these extensions for anyone who is interested because I know them better than anyone else. Please, contact me if you need something done using these extensions.

Mininews extension

Is anyone interested in maintaining the mininews extension? It is stable but I neither have time, nor wish to mainatin it. The code there is very old. If no one wants to pick it up, I will set its status to obsolete. I recommend using tt_news instead.

Other extensions

I will be contacting some people about some extensions that I maintain. I want to give these extensions to people who can make them developed further.
The following extension will remain under my responsibility:
  • Mnogosearch (mnogosearch)
  • Page path (pagepath)
  • RealURL (realurl)
  • Universal page browser (pagebrowse)
The rest should be transferred to new owners in two months time.


  1. Hi,

    you are a lucky guy for being able to transfer keys and time needed for maintaining.... ;)

    just yesterday a guy told me "why it is not possible to right a good manual and why don't I do anything because of bugs and it shouldn't be good for me if people switch to other extensions" ... and the funny thing: he was complaining about rgsmoothgallery, the extension with the best rating in TER, most ratings in ter... ;)

    I hope you still find time (and money) to maintain the other cool extensions!

  2. I hope too :) I am rethinking my life and trying to get rid of everything that holds me from moving forward.

    rgsmoothgallery is great and cool regardless of what people think! :)

  3. I must tell that not only give up comments–family of extensions but also some others. This is not really related to my former employer (they are great company and I liked working for them!)

    I just have no time to maintain it all. Being a freelancer means doing much more paid work and much less free work. I just can't let myself maintain all those extensions any more or I will have no time to sleep. :)

    I hope it is better explained now :)

  4. Being a freelancer means doing much more paid work and much less free work.

    => Absolutly right ! A freelancer needs money to survive. We all prioritize stuffs.

  5. >>Being a freelancer means doing much more paid work and much less free work.<<

    It's like a pain in the ass for your freedom - isn't it? For me it is.. I'd like to have so much more time to do stuff I like to do but I never have..

    damn it.. looking for a job. Offers welcome, anytime, anywhat, anywhere ;)

  6. Having time for free work is a good thing. Google gives people 20% of time to work on anything they want. This is great. But this is not an option for freelancers. They have to earn money for living. So no much time left for free work... That's life :)

  7. Life is just a piece of shit ;-)