Apr 5, 2009

Screenshots from Google (sunday leisure post)

I do not like to work on weekends. Therefore I will not post high–tech articles as usual but just give two screenshots from Google. Here they are are:

Writing good content helps! Having the first and the third result in Google is not bad. I also rank #5 on "RealURL configuration" today. I did not use any real SEO except for good content and good HTML markup, so these positions are not a result of tricks, they are earned :)
These things change. It is possible that tomorrow I will not rate on these terms at all. In any case these screenshots are is interesting given that this domain is one month old.
This post is just for fun. Weather is great here and I though I could add a little more fun to this great sunny day! Have a good Sunday wherever you are! :)


  1. Hello .

    But you completely chilled me as a beginner from TYPO3 :(

  2. You did it, ... almost. :)

    Michael and I are still leading when searching for "typo3 performance", although hosted on typo3.org domain...

    To be honest, our article is a bit outdated and lacks of many essential informations. So it's time for some change.

  3. Congrats!

    And I agree, content matters. I recently put some of my (co) edited books on books.google.com and got some nice results on contested scientific/political keywords. Some of these books are out of print, so the content would be pretty much lost unless you still master ancient tricks like using a library properly.

    And a hint: You can influence the snippet google returns by utilizing the metatag "description". I received some good results for a commercial site: Benefit: Blubb, Target group: Blah, Price: Foo

    This does not influence ranking but increases the likelihood somebody will click the link (or discourages others because you do not want unqualified traffic).

  4. Hi Dmitry, I think that your website is very good (and made using TYPO3! : -) ), the content is interesting and the funcionalities arround him are fine, but in my opinion would be a good idea to have a field in your comments for put our website URL or email, or some object for suscribe to the conversation. (else it seems that is not interesting for you).