Apr 17, 2009

mnoGoSearch TYPO3 extension now ranks pages like Google

Yesterday I released a new version of mnoGoSearch TYPO3 extension. There are tweaks for better page rank calculation and some bug fixes. Now mnoGoSearch runs more Google–like. It ranks TYPO3 pages with keywords in titles higher than pages with keywords only in text.

Thanks to Netcreators for support and sponsoring!


  1. This is awesome Dmitry.

    Can you give a quick explanation how results are generated overall?

    I know I should be looking in the documentation, but what's the baseline requirements for setting up on a website for mainly searching tt_news entries?

    Also, is RealURL supported and returned by mnoGoSearch?

    I've got such a bear on indexed_search giving index.php?id=1234 urls that I'm considering using Google search again.

  2. A link to the extension in TER in your post would be nice ;-)

  3. Michael, yes, RealURL is fully supported. Try searching something on my site. This blog uses only tt_news and you will see results from tt_news indexing together with pages. Search, for example, for "realurl".

    Bernhard Berger, will do next time :) The extension is also available through EM :)

  4. Thank you for that great work!

    Did you already think about how to index fe_user content? Simulate a frontend login for indexing, and setting a permission flag in the indexing table?

  5. Hi Dmitry,

    We've been working with your extension which is great, thanks. Yet i have a question: Do you know how we can get back the full text for each result item?

    Many thanks in advance