Apr 5, 2009

Google Analytics Certified

I have passed the Google Analytics Individual Qualification test. Now I am recognized as a Google Analytics specialist. According to the test FAQ:
The Google Analytics Individual Qualification is a proof of proficiency in Google Analytics that is available to any individual who has passed the Google Analytics IQ test...
...While Google Analytics is easy to use for beginners, it's also a very powerful tool in the hands of knowledgeable users. Qualified users will be effective at leveraging Google Analytics within their organizations and at helping others to do the same.
Here is how the certificate looks like:

I am number 508 in the world who passed the test.
It was an interesting experience. I passed with the 89% grade. I know the questions where I answered wrong and I attribute them to the imprecise questions. Several other people also mentioned that too. For example, some questions mention "a visitor" without a clear statement where it is an identifiable visitor or not (the first is not allowed in Analytics). Also there are some terms that are simply not defined in Analytics (cannot reveal those, sorry). But in general I am satisfied with the result.
Some questions were very easy (for example, about cookies), others were very hard (some of AdWords integration and most e–commerce tracking questions).
I am going to provide a new service type related to Google Analytics soon. I hope to apply for Google Analytics Authorised Consultant in future. Google Analytics are really powerful and they are far beyond just clicks or page views. People must be able to get the full information about their business!


  1. Congratulations. Well done! Something on my wishlist as well to do in the near future.

  2. Hi Dmitry,

    It is well known that you are a TYPO3 expert, that you have a deep understanding on all aspects of a website and that you know many other things as well. The articles you write in this blog become references in a short time.

    Why did you take this test? To me, it looks like you are saying "Hey, I took a beginner's class HTML test and I succeed" or something like that.

    You don't need any virtual paper. You already have the respect from many TYPO3 users and other web developpers. Sorry to say that, but in my opinion you just wasted 50$.

  3. Well, Analytics is different from TYPO3. It is not about graphs, etc, it also requires knowledge of metrics, how they combine with each other. For example, very few people know that "Visits" metric does not mean anything by itself and that it must be combined with other metric to mean something.

    The test had some dummy questions but it had also really difficult questions where it was necessary to understand how visits, visitors, pageviews and bounce rate relate and what does it tell about quality of the web site. It is complex and I like complex things! So passing the test for me was like a proof that I really understand it. By results of the test Google recommended me to improve two areas: AdWords (I never really used AdWords!) and placement of the code on pages (no idea why because questions were straight from help pages).

    I see it like yet another "I can do it!" achievement :)

  4. Congrats!

    One question, would you share few paragraphs telling us your way of preparing for this. How did you learn and what material did you use?



    P.S. The captcha code is not working with FF 3.0.8. Is this just me or it really is not working?

  5. You are picky that you respond? :)

  6. I'm going to have my team take this GAIQ test (and then eventually the GAAC). Does anyone know how many times you can take the test without having to purchase a new one?

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  8. Hey congrates,

    I am preparing for GA exam, Can you plz let me know what kind of question you got to get more ideas and what important things I need to concentrate much. Your guidance will be supportive for me. Hope to get a response from your end. You can send me your advice @ sheen.gaur@gmail.com

  9. i also want this certfication what is the procisure

  10. would you plz help me the way for preparing this.what are the idea for this test.

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