Apr 10, 2009

cbrealurl: preconfigure your RealURL

Michael Cannon from the Acqal TYPO3 agency created a very nice TYPO3 extension. This extensions preconfigures RealURL for other extensions. Here is the list of supported extensions:

  • abdownloads
  • ablinklist
  • advCalendar
  • cal
  • desimplecalendar
  • dmmjobcontrol
  • gsislideshow
  • hldamgallery
  • indexedsearch
  • irfaq
  • news_search
  • newloginbox
  • nrdfimport
  • piapappnote
  • skpagecomments
  • srfeuserregister
  • t3consultancies
  • tt_news
  • tt_products
As you see the list is long and impressive. So if you are just starting with RealURL you can give this extension a try. You still should read my RealURL tutorials to know how RealURLs are constructed and how they work. But cbrealurl will greatly simplify the rest for you.
I must tell that I did not try this extension because I prefer to configure RealURL manually. This article is based on positive responses from other people.

1 comment:

  1. Dmitry, thank you very much for writing about cbrealurl. The newer versions try to make it easier for providing samples of multiple domain and multi-lingual to get folks moving ahead quicker. Cheers!