Apr 11, 2009

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has grown a lot past years. While looking for some AI issues for one of my projects, I found a chat bot that can answer questions. The program uses PHP and MySQL. I spent nearly 10 minutes talking to bot and trying to confuse it. Questions varies a lot from simple to quite sophisticated. I almost failed. So I decided to write a final statement and give up. But this was the statement where the bot choked:

But in general it was very impressive how AI bot could communicate. Interestingly it did not repeat the same answers to same questions.


  1. impressive yes, but I got him on second question.

    "what is your pourpose?"

    where he really got stubborn and didn't want to tell me ;)

  2. I guess there are quite some people who would respond exactly the same... ;)

  3. I guess I am too serious for AI :D Guys, you rock! :D

  4. i've found another bug..


    nevertheless a really nice chatbot..

  5. Hello ,

    It seems the site has viruses , After I logged to that site my computer infected and I restored the computer for getting it normal . Please consider . Thanks

  6. Marcus BiesioroffApril 15, 2009 at 6:19 PM

    Well, I'm not a bot... but I'm married for 10 years and also don't understand ;D

  7. "If there's artificial intelligence, there's bound to be artificial stupidity" (source unknown)


  8. Seriously though, conversation programs have been around for a long, long time. Most famous among them is Eliza which dates back to times when there was only the command line.


    It's supposed to be a psychotherapy software. I remember a very funny discussion about blue cucumbers...

  9. hey dmitry thanks for that link. i really like chatbots, they're so good for my own childish-ness :-)

    You: do you among others have the y2k bug?

    Bot: Yes I try to among others have the y2k bug as often as possible, do you?

    I am always on the Web.

  10. Marcel, this made me laugh!!! :D

  11. Hi DD,

    i got the following:

    You: are you pro Obama

    Bot: I am against PRO CHOICE.