Mar 31, 2009

My most significant TYPO3 achievement

Sometimes I wonder what could be my most significant achievement in TYPO3. I did a lot of stuff but I were to pick up only one thing, what would I choose to be proud of?

It is not any extension or article or this whole blog or mailing lists posts or T3DD presentations. It is a feature of TYPO3 4.2 named "linking across domains".

Some people might remember that before TYPO3 4.2 it was not possible to link from one TYPO3 page to another using page tree and get a proper link. The result was always shown as index.php?id=12345. Editors had to put these links as external URLs. It meant that renaming of the page ended up in dead links. This has to be solved and it was solved!

In TYPO3 4.2 it became possible to link normally across domain bounds. I am very proud of this fix. It took a lot of time for development, debugging, testing and tuning but it works and it is rock stable.

Good memories! :) When I thought about it, I wondered what other people see as my greatest achievement in TYPO3? Please, post your comments!


  1. Definitely realurl. Google friendly and human readable URLs are always a good argument for the customer, because many of them have had cryptic URLs before.

    And second place is TV, because it made setting up TYPO3-Websites much more convenient and introduced FCEs.

  2. Absolutely TemplaVoila.

  3. *argh* TemplaVoila...i don't want to use it.

    Well I like your RealURL Extension most. Readable URLs are better than this ?id=xx thing.

    Haven't recognized the "linking across domains" yet. Well i should look after.

  4. Coming from having to deal with linking pages across domains, that was a biggy nice thing to have working in 4.X series. I still have a 3.8 client with the issue.

    Thanks Dimitry for the contributions.

  5. Cross-domain linking was a huge contribution. It made multi-domain TYPO3 sites viable in business settings.

  6. Anders TillebeckApril 2, 2009 at 1:57 AM

    We tried to do this on an old hotel a few years ago with no luck. So the cross domain linking was filed under "no-can-do". Good news that you fixed this, Dmitry! I am sorry to say that I had to read your blog to get the knowledge. That will be really usefull.

    I guess that your future "iportal" will end up on you list as well as one of the best. At least I hope it will be one of you best ;-)

  7. Without a doubt: TemplaVoila - saving us countless hours of tedious code writing and the ability to use our creativity with FCE's.

    I don't care that it's done with xml, that could be changed, but the idea of a point'n'click interface drastically improves on the workload.

    Anyways, I've seen what's on the drawing board for a future TV and it looks excellent.

  8. I must say it would be RealURL. It is great for SEO, visitors and all the rest. For a project I'm diving into the code and see how extensive and complex it is. You did a great job there.

    I can't really judge about templavoila because I have never used it, same for cross-domain linking.

    Keep up the great work!

  9. For me it's definitely templavoilà. It opened the door to TYPO3 for me. Thanks again for that extension!