Mar 27, 2009

Looking for the Google Analytic advice

What can cause the behaviour shown on the image below? On the day when statistics changed, we deployed a newer version of one application. It is different from the previous version very little: the new version shows confrmations and messages as JavaScript pop ups, while the old version showed them using a separate page for each such message. It should not cause such a big change in Analytics, should it?
Does anyone have any idea why this change happened?


  1. Could it be that several pages are now missing Google Analytics code? The jump in Bounce Rate and % of new visits hints that someone might be jumping to pages with no code & back, or maybe coming in to a page that didn't have Analytics before.

  2. The same thing happened to my sites around the end of March last year. I didn't change the code or any of the pages, but the visits/pageviews/time on site, etc. had a massive change just like yours. I figured Google changed something in the Analytics code.

  3. Your bounce rate and pages/visit will be affected when you use ajax and/or popups etc: As far as google analytics is concerned you are still on the same page. You can remedy the situation (if desired) by inserting your gatc code into the popups/ajax pages. As far as the drop in avg. time on site is concerned you might interpret this as an improvement in efficiency, i.e. the registration process (or whatever you are doing) is quicker.

  4. If i have such changes on a project i will do the following at first:


    Check if the code appears on all pages. This site can help:

    Check if there are problems with JS. This can cause that GA cannot track every page.

    And for a deeper analysis the little images are not enough input. :-|

  5. Thank to everyone. I can tel that AJAX is tracked and code is on all pages. I also figured out that the application was changed on April 1st but the change in statistics happened near April 11. So it can be unrelated to the change in application.

    In any case I will check all points you mentioned.

    Thanks, guys!

  6. Are you using "event tracking"? Google mentions it can affect your stats (I am in the middle of cooking, so I cannot search for the appropriate link, sorry ;-)



  7. Jens, at that moment of time I did not use event tracking.