Mar 2, 2009

Freelancing again

Starting from today I am a full time freelancer. My employment with Netcreators finished last week. I worked for them 15 months and now I am free again.

Freelancing will give me more time to do what I like to do. In particular I will focus on TYPO3 services that I know best, do best and want to provide to other people and companies. Also I plan to (self–)study various disciplines. I will manage my time on my own and report to myself. It is an incredible feeling when a man can choose what to do.

This blog remains one of my priorities too. I plan to continue publishing unique TYPO3 information here. Also I have several pending changes to the TemplaVoila, RealURL and portal extensions that I want to finish soon.

If any of my readers want to outsource their work to me, you are welcome to read my services page and contact me.


  1. When I click the view article link in the rss feed, I get a 502 (Google) server error.

  2. I am subscribed using Thunderbird to both feeds. It works here. May be you should unsubscribe and subscribe again.

  3. Yes, I KNEW it would come to this step, good preparation. Wish you good luck + a lot of happy customers!

    The captch sucks BTW

  4. Ingo, thanks :)

    Yes, I do not like captchas either. But I like spammers even less :(

  5. Bastian WaidelichMarch 9, 2009 at 11:48 AM

    Hi Dmitry,

    someone once said "freelancers are people who are all set to work 16 hours a day, only so they don't have to work 8 hours a day for someone else" ;)

    all the best and keep up the good work!