Feb 17, 2009

Useless SQL found in TYPO3

Like any automated system TYPO3 sometimes produces redundant code. Most often it happens in SQL expressions. For example, it is common to see:

SELECT uid from tx_myext_table WHERE 1=1 AND deleted=0 AND hidden=0

The italic part is produced by TYPO3, so the extension's developer has to put "1=1" to make it valid SQL. This is understandable.

What I do not really understand is when people do it like this:

$GLOBALS['TYPO3_DB']->exec_SELECTquery('uid', 'tx_myext_table',
'1=1 AND pid=' . intval($conf['pid']) .

What is the point of the italic part of the where statement in this code example? Absolutely none.

So why it is there?

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