Feb 25, 2009

Camino works faster than FireFox on Mac

Camino is a Gecko–based browser for Mac. It is a little brother (sister?) of FireFox. But unlike FireFox 3 it is works at least two times faster. Why is that? No idea. In addition it takes less memory and does not seem to leak it. Fonts look better in Camino.

I decided to use Camino after FireFox hanged up once again and destroyed all my tabs (despite of session saver extension).

I found only two problems with Camino.

Firsts, it does not import FireFox bookmarks correct. It looks only in the "default" profile ("default.profile" folder). I have FireFox 2 with that profile and FireFox 3 with another profile. Camino does not prompt me what profile to import and gets FireFox 2 bookmarks.

Secondly, it is not possible to install FireFox extensions to Camino. On other hand it can be good: the less extensions, the faster it runs.

1Password is supported for Camino too, so I will not loose any saved login.

I also heard that Opera works fast and well on Mac but I could not get used to it on PC and I do not think anything will change for Mac. So my default browser for now is Camino.


  1. I just tried Safari 4 (beta) and it is very fast ....

    Disadvantage: Not the wealth of extensions like in FF, but they do have a "Developer" Tab offering some of the functions of Firebug

  2. go for Safari! Especially the brand new version 4 beta is so fast nothing beats it!

  3. I use Camino on OS X as well. It just is better integrated into the system than Firefox.

    In addition to the Firefox extension problem, there is another disadvatage: Camino currently still uses Gecko 1.8 (as in Firefox 2), and Camino 2 (which uses Gecko 1.9 as in Firefox 3) still is in beta.