Nov 14, 2008

TYPO3 certification launched

Today I got news about TYPO3 certification. Certification team seems to come with the first simple certification programme named "TYPO3 integrator".

The programme will certify people who build web sites using TYPO3. It does not cover physical file installation on the disk using *nix shell but it does cover the Install tool in 1-2-3 and normal modes, which is a good thing to certify. Many people lack knowledge of Install tool, which is essential when troubleshooting problems.

Also this certification is not for extension developers and it is specifically stated. To pass the exam, you do not need any extension programming knowledge but you must know TypoScript, TYPO3 access rights and other typical things that happen when you create a TYPO3–based web site. This is what certification team says:
The "TYPO3 integrator" develops the template for a website, configures all the necessary extensions and creates the access rights for backend users. The "TYPO3 integrator" does not install TYPO3 on the webserver and does not programm extensions. The "TYPO3 integrator" knows how to configure the preinstalled TYPO3 by using the installer.
I was skeptic about certifications as neither of my old certifications from Microsoft of Brainbench really showed the knowledge. Typically you can pass such certification by learning common questions and answers. It seems that TYPO3 certification team did it better. You really need to know TYPO3 to pass. Therefore I see TYPO3 certification as trustful.

If you ask me whether you should go to this exam or not, the short answer will be "yes". The long answer will be "It depends on who you are". It does not make sense for TYPO3 core developers or well–known people (like Michiel Roos or Georg Ringer, for example) to pass such exams because their knowledge is far beyond this exam and they proved it by years of successful work. But if you are less known, or you own a company, or your people are not well–known to the TYPO3 world, this certification will confirm TYPO3 knowledge.

Personally I will not take this exam. If TYPO3 certification team comes with an exam for extension developers, I will probably take it but only out of curiosity. It will be interesting what they will ask TYPO3 developers to do or know at such exam. Given a good "integrator" exam, I think developer's exam should be good too.

Are you interested in certification? Then read more about it on the TYPO3 certification web site. Closest exams will be held in Arnhem (the Netherlands), Hamburg, Munich, Viena, Zurich and Warsaw (see the schedule on the web site).

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