Nov 28, 2008

My Mozilla Thunderbird add-on

I read TYPO3 mailing lists many times a day. I always use threaded view because it keeps conversations organized. There are lots of messages in he mailing lists and sometimes locating answers to old questions is not easy. Switching to "Threads with unread" view helps but doing it several times a day becomes annoyng because it requires at least three clicks in the Thunderbird menu.

I searched for the Thunderbord add–on that will let me to make such switch quickly. I found a very old add–on named nntpthreads, which worked for Thunderbird 1.5 (but not on Mac OS X). I tried to fix it but it still did not work.

So I just made my own add–on. It was easy when I found a tutorial about it on Mozilla Wiki. Now I use my own add–on to quickly switch between thread views. Here is how my Thunderbird toolbar looks now:

I submitted this add–on to Mozilla and it is now available in the Sandbox. It means that only registered Mozilla users can download it. To make this add–on freely downloadable I need several external reviews of this add–on. So if you are interested in this functionality, get the add–on (no need to register here!) and try it. If you like it, than publish your review somewhere and send me a link, please.

I hope you will find this add–on as helpful as I do.

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