Nov 13, 2008

Good VPN client for Mac

Sometimes when I work for the customer, I need to access their servers using VPN. Since I am on the Mac, my options were limited to two options:
  • Built–in Mac OS X VPN client, which does not work in many cases (it does not have OpenVPN support)
  • Tunnelblick, which is very unstable and often dies
Yesterday I discovered a very nice new VPN client for Mac named Viscosity. Viscosity has a very good user interface, it is rock stable and connects much faster than Tunnelblick.When started, the program places a nice icon in the Mac OS X menu bar.

Clicking the icon will show a menu where you can connect or disconnect any configured VPNs. You can configure many VPN settings.

The program can also start at login and pause Apple Time Machine when connected to VPN.

And finally Viscosity has nice traffic metter:

Viscosity also supports Growl notifications, so if you are disconnected, you will know immediately.

Extra bonus is bulit–in import of Tunelblick connections, so migration is extremely simple. You will need password to Tunnelblick VPN accounts though. They are in the OS X Keychain but Viscosity does not extract them automatically.

I really like Viscosity. This program is not free but $9 is absolutely worth it. In fact I would buy it for $15 without thinking.

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