Nov 11, 2008

Bad experience buying from

I am usually concerned about security. When I heard that whole disk encryption is finally available for Macs, I went to to buy it. I buy software regulary and it usually does not cause any problems. This time it was different.

When I entered all my usual information in the PGP web store (including credit card number), I was told that order was not authorized. This was strange. Typically it happens if there is a error in credit card data. So I tried again and got the same message. I gave up.

Next day I found that money are reserved twice on my credit card. I called european support. They had troubles finding orders. Finally they said they will forward it to another department. I asked to cancel one order and process another. Money are reserved, so why not to process the order?

Support promissed to process the order. PGP store conditions say that they resolve issues within 72 hours. I waited. I waited more than 72 hours. Money are still reserved, order status is still "on hold". I asked them if there are any problems and got "we are processing the order" response.

After a week of waiting I give up. I never had such problems before: PGP reserves money on the card and that's all, nothing moves. I cannot use the funds on the card. PGP does not process the order. PG does not send me the product. PGP does not tell what is going on. They keep my money locked and do not do anything.

I asked PGP to cancel the order. If they do not wish to have customers, they got one customer less now. I will never ever buy from PGP again.

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