Oct 6, 2008

My TYPO3 extension programming book is out!

Some people already know that my book about TYPO3 extension programming is out. If you want, you can order it now and get a discount from the cover price. Packt ships books for free, so it will be cheaper than if you buy in any other place. You can also get PDF version of the book even cheaper or a bundle (PDF+printed book) for a good price.

And now, the bonus to those, who reads more than cover page of my blog. You can get larger discount on the book if you use a discount code. Please, do not post this code anywhere or point to the page with the code directly. Point to this post instead. This will help to spread news about the book. I apologize to those who already bought the book but the code was just sent to me by Packt. Anyway you get a very good information about extension development. Here is the what a reader wrote in the TYPO3 mailing list:

At last I get it!.. well I'm very, very glad :) I've just previewed
it, but I can see that's more then was available in one place until
this time...
much more, great :)
good job Dmitry, Ingo and other people from Packt

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